Almennar upplýsingar / General Information

Company / Fyrirtæki: HALLDORA ehf
Kennitala: 410611-0900 / Vsk númer: 10818
Address / Heimilisfang fyrirtækis Hraunberg 660, Mývatn, Ísland
Our Store /Verslun: HALLDORA- GRENSÀSVEGUR 26. 108 Reykjavík 
Email / Netfang: halldora(AT)halldora(DOT)com
Tel. /Símanúmer HALLDORA: +354 866-7960


The Designer Halldóra: The Icelandic footwear designer Halldóra Eydís, born near Lake Myvatn in Iceland in 1984 studied fine art before she headed to London for her footwear education. She graduated with a 1st class BA Hons from Cordwainers, London College of Fashion, (a part of University of the Arts London) and launched her first collection at Boston Fashion Week 2011, Fashion Footwear Association of New York and in The City Hall of Reykjavík in the end of 2011.

Creativity, shoes, fashion and nature have always been Halldóra´s main interests, including traveling, culture and cooking, but being raised on a farm in North-East Iceland in the environment of wild nature, lava and active volcanoes has affected her way of thinking and designing. Halldora also believes that her grandmothers great collection of fashion and shoes, has inspired her as a child and was the start of her dream to become an artist. After graduation from an Art school in Iceland, Halldora had a major car accident that affected her live significantly. Her injuries required her to take a year off for physical therapy, and during that difficult period of her life she took the decision to live her life fully, follow the dreams after she got better, and applied for her dream education in footwear design in London, where she learned to make her creative shoe designs from scratch.

The HALLDORA collection: Halldora focuses on making comfortable yet fashionable shoes and mostly uses sustainable raw materials, like Icelandic fish skin, lamb leather, reindeer leather and horse hair in her creations. She uses her own experience from her injuries to make her shoes comfortable and wearable. She uses her weakness and evaluates the patterns, shapes and shoes herself, as a designer with both back problems and fibromyalgia. The inspiration in the previous collections is mostly sourced from raw nature, lava, landscape, waterfalls and old traditions. Recent collections of handbags and shoes are mostly inspired by water, waterfalls and igneous columnar rock. In 2014 HALLDORA started to make small clutch bags, matching the shoes and a year later larger handbags and other accessories. Today HALLDORA’s collection includes unique womens shoes and boots of all kinds, small purses and large bags, developed wallets, coin purses, necklaces and other small accessories.